About Ilder

Ilder AS is a Norwegian software company specialised in developing tailormade IoT solutions for our customers.

Ilders name and branding stems from “ilder (en: ferret)” being a small, agile and fierce animal. We like nature. The flowing text is to be a contrast to the otherwise technical, hardedged work tools and technology we work with. Pink as colorscheme stems from a desire to reflect a contrast to other IT companies and to reflect how we are redefining user experience within the industry.

Our Mission
Emphasizing User Experience
Creating any user experience is a balancing act. Human beings will touch, feel, experience and in the end interface with a creation we have built.
The balancing act is in short terms to bring with us an understanding of how to design, prioritize, develop and refine a desired combination of system qualities to facilitate a given user experience.
For Ilder AS this means we bring with us curious nature, to research and investigate how we can design the whole, or parts of the experience to be unique, efficient, informative, rich, fun or engaging for the user.
Tor Gjøsæter, CXO
Software Development done right
In some respects, learning to make software is like mastering the art of simultaneous interpretation between distant foreign languages.
Practitioners have to understand two culturally distal idioms, the client's on the one hand, and the structured languages of software, design and architecture-as-code on the other.
The job is to enable both sides to work in concert towards an end.
Christian Bjartli, CTO


Business, software and UX

Ilder has a Management Team with extensive experience with software development and user experience. We are entrepreneurs, engineers, business developers, designers and executives - all passionate about innovation, supporting your business growth, and to make you experience your data through UX design and software development.

  • Jon Arild Jacobsen
    Jon Arild Jacobsen
    Background: Master of Business Administration (MBA) Norwegian School of Management, BSc Automation from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
    Skills: More than 15 years of experience from project management, business development and engineering in companies such as Frame, Equinor, OneSubsea and BKK
  • Anders Hop
    Anders Hop
    Background: Bachelor & Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (MBA) Norwegian School of Management, 1st degree Law Studies UIB
    Skills: More than nine years of management experience from banking and finance. Extensive experience with company financing, capital raising, business development and business management. Burning passion for strategy, technology and business-and product development
  • Tor Gjøsæter
    Tor Gjøsæter
    Background: Tor Gjøsæter holds a PhD in Information Science from the University of Bergen. Gjøsæter has published several papers on the topic of augmented reality and tangible interaction and its applications
    Skills: Strong emphasis on user experience and the human element in relation to the design process. Consulting in UX and usability, software-development (app and web), 2D and 3D
  • Christian Bjartli
    Christian Bjartli
    Background: Christian holds a BA/MA in Mathematics from Harvard University. He has worked in a wide range of technical areas as a software developer, and also has published papers and research
    Skills: Experienced and highly skilled in mathematics, system architecture and design, backend development (Go, C, C++, Python, Javascript / Typescript, as well as VCS and CI/CD technology

How it began

Founded 2018

Ilder AS was started to enable its founders to work with what they knew and love. Our founders have always been technologists.

Tor pursued his proclivity for design through completing a PhD at University of Bergen with an emphasis on user experience and the human element in the equation.

They founded our company with the name Ilder. Ilder (en: ferret) is one of Norway's only predatory mammals living on land. The Ilder is small, lean, agile and fierce and can in some cases become housetrained. Each ilder in Ilder have at least one of these characteristics.

Scrum Image

The agile way

How we deliver value

We place the user first in our workflow, and have dedicated interaction designers within our team. We have a workflow thoroughly grounded in agile methodologies, involving the end users every step along the way. We are DevOps centered and embrace continuous deployment.

Start sprinting

Doing the same thing over again

We like the familiarity of repeatable processes. Even though we are doing the same rituals over and over again, it helps us to create something great together with you. We recognize that every project is different however, and we try to tailor our process to fit within the natural boundaries of the given project.



We start each project with a discovery phase. This stage is all about defining scope, vision, and logistics so that we can gain a deeper understanding of your project requirements. We work closely with you because it’s important to us that your entire team feels valued and involved. Our discussions and your feedback will help identify resources, milestones, benchmarks, timeline, and agreed-upon deliverables



Information gathered during the discovery phase is used to inform the creative direction of the project. We work closely with you to ensure that the overall tone (user interface, visual content, hierarchy, etc.) matches your desired outcome. With this in mind, we explore potential solutions and prepare sketches, wireframes, mockups or prototypes.



This is the phase where our design concepts and solutions come to life. By taking the information collected in the discovery phase and testing concepts in the design phase, we are now ready for development. Every employee at Ilder AS deals with development in some form. From the high level translation of mathematical equations in research papers to executable code.



This is the final phase of the project, where your product or application goes through quality assurance, user testing and finally, launch. We’re committed to ensuring that our solution perfectly aligns with your goals and meets our own standard of excellence. We emphasise an iterative development cycle with careful building of the finished product. As a customer you can expect to see your concept materialize over one or two week sprints, user story by user story, feature by feature.



All above processes are subject to iterations. Iterations ensures that the product we are building incorporate feedback and suggestions at every stage. So we try to build architectures and teams around the concept of building, rebuilding, testing and improving based upon feedback. And it works perfect for both us and customers