A taxonomy of handheld augmented reality applications

A taxonomy of handheld augmented reality applications
A visual representation of a taxonomy of handheld augmented reality

This paper provides a straightforward layer based taxonomy for categorizing research and development in handheld augmented reality (HAR) applications. The taxonomy provides a framework for articulating and differentiation of research and development specific to HAR applications within a visual model. A literature review is used to place examples of previous research into the model. In addition we show two use cases where we illustrate how we use the taxonomy to position our own current research into the model. We conclude that the model enables a more focused view on topics specific for HAR within the field of AR.

When Tor concluded his PhD he presented a paper proposing a taxonomy for handheld augmented reality applications.

Check out the paper in the linked PDF. The meat of the paper is the proposed taxonomy that can be a helpful tool for disseminating and discussing handheld AR apps.

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